Mobile Massage Therapist




Mobile massage also known as a home massage refers to the on-demand model where I visit your home, guesthouse, hotel or office for an appointment. I have chosen to work in a flexible manner and attend to you and your customers, for both ladies and gents as and when needed
as opposed to working fixed shifts in a spa.



Mobile massage is ideal for anyone looking for convenience, affordability and reliability and is especially popular now during challenging times and more cost effective for both working
professionals, couples and their family members. Couples packages are available on request and at discounted rates.




Once you have made your booking you are ready. I will arrive at your door at the specified time and will bring everything needed for the massage session.


Payment is either done by cash or EFT after the treatment.


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45 Min Relaxing massage R250-00  

60 Min Relaxing massage R300-00

          45 Min Swedish massage R250-00            

 60 Min Swedish massage R300-00

45 Min Deep Tissue massage R250-00 

  60 Min Deep Tissue massage R350-00

Indian head massage R100-00
Foot spa / Reflexology R150-00

Thank you for taking the time to read my professional services and look forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards